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released May 12, 2014

Music and lyrics by Anti Icon
Additional vocals on 'Prophecy' by Laetitia de Vos
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Cyril Hostyn - Music production & engineering




Anti Icon Ghent, Belgium

5-piece back-to-basic metalcore from Ghent, Belgium.

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Track Name: Prophecy
Catalyst, you shut me out, but I resist
And in your eyes I just seem worthless
Idealist, your visions are just nightmares

We walk the same old road, but this is all so pointless
where are your ethics, where are your morals. Lifeless
we stand aside our friends untill this mayhem ends now
the omen rises help us trough this.

And as the sky is turning, my friends are falling
as life is fading, dont lose hope.
And as the ground breaks open, my end is near,
Our eyes wide open, dont lose hope now.

Dont lose hope.

I am the plague you didn't foresee
I am the tide that drags you to sea
I am an avalanche. You can't flee
Charge towards me, I'll be ready

I am the sickness under your skin
I am the desertstorm you are in
I am a myth, a legacy
I am a legend, we are the prophecy

we'll have no mercy

Catalyst, you shut me out, but I resist
And in your eyes I'm worthless
Your visions are nightmares, but we will awake from this dream
Track Name: Strongest Version
I have reached my destination
through struggle and damnation
When times were dark, i reached for the sky
and i have seen the light
See me now
Rise to completion
See me now

Is this the edge of my world
Our should i defy these thoughts
Is this my last breath.
Or shall my passion define me

I rose above the mountains
Only to see the true world
I swam the broadest oceans
To wash off my burdens

I have come to realize
There is more to me
than a hollow sacrifice

And I will let it define me
I have slayed my dragons
Became a lion amongst sheep

I've surpassed my destination
Left with a vision of salvation
I've left the mountains and oceans behind
I'm the nomad that carries on
Growing strong
Carry on