by Anti Icon

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released February 12, 2011

Music and lyrics by Anti Icon
Guestvocals on 'Vultures' by Niels Dhuyvetters
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Sam D. Hyde




Anti Icon Ghent, Belgium

5-piece back-to-basic metalcore from Ghent, Belgium.

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Track Name: Vultures
Hear me! I'm calling out!
Somebody save me and grant me your security
Guide me! And try to understand my fears and hopes.
The way I am, the way we are

I'm all alone in this desert storm
Searching for a way with this blurred vision.
The vultures, they circle the sky
waiting for me to give in and die.
Give in and die.

Hold on, with me in mind.
Pray to your god I will find safety.
I'm lost and out of time.
Will you pray for me, please pray for me!

Question our thoughts but not our hearts!

My feeth they carry me through,
but these nightmares I can not outrun.
My eyes, they see you, but your gone.

Pray for me!

I'll die alone in this desert storm
'cause I can't find a way with this blurred vision
The vultures, they cut through the sky
As they watch me cave in and die

Hold on, with me in mind.
Pray to your god I will find safety.
I'm lost and out of time.
Will you pray for me, please pray for me!
Track Name: Our Last Hope
As I wake from my sleep,
and the sun starts to set,
my hopes are high, but dreams are lost.

can we see wat life has in store,
or will we never be able to see the day.
These countless memorys will always be with me,
always in my hearth! oh.

Your memorys,
are always in my hearth, yeah.

This is my song for all those,
who won't wake up to see the day,

All those who are set aside,
I think its time x2.

I think its time my friends,
to rise up, rise from the ashes.
To start anew,
another sunset awaits you.

And new hopes, and dreams will rise.
Its our last hope
our last hope,
our last shot at this.
Track Name: Stormchaser
Oh Poseidon, your wrath is lethal.
It's consuming us all.
Karma, get me out of this nightmare.
How can I forsee my fall.
These waves, they hit us like earthquakes.
But I'd rather face the flames, than your fearless tides.

Face the flames and BURN!
Face the f*cking flames and burn endlessly.

Why are these arms around my shoulders,
are they here to strangle me?
I'd rather end it myself,
and safe my dignity.

King of the sea, show me your mercy.

As my lungs get filled, there's no more fear.
Say goodbye to all my friends, which I hold so dear.
As my lungs get filled, there's no more fear.

I'll be ready to face you in another life.
Track Name: Observer
Hear my prayer
God you can't hide forever
I need redemption
for sins i can not mention
Great observer
declare your ten commandments
Great observer
shameless lies and cheap disguise
such a cheap disguise
We need your guidelines

You speak so proud, but you preach to the mute
You speak so proud, you left a scar and brought a war
You brought a war, you brought a war

And your rage, that brought us to our knees
if only you could see through my eyes
Here I always pray, but I can not ease this way
I speak upon deaf ears, but now, I make my stand

And from now on we will shine,
Nothing can take away, that what we stand for
No-one can take away, that what we stand for

Reborn, with the strenght of a thousand
Carry on, our dreams are the guidelines

You can not hide forever
Great observer
Not forever